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Specialized Property Management Services

Hospitality isn't always easy — that's why we're here. From minor wear and tear on your property to managing finances, our team will find the solution! Our services include inspections, overseeing check-ins, promoting your property, maintenance, repairs, and much more. We'll also ensure your property's security, protect it from damage, and monitor its contents. Transform your apartment, second home, or vacation house into a source of income with peace of mind!

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Strategic Planning

Setting the right foundations

We offer a free assessment of your property's potential income and consulting services for maximum return. With a specialized approach, we help you fully leverage the potential of your property

What makes a space suitable for renting?

The suitability of a space is determined by many factors. Each platform may outline different criteria, which we know and communicate to you at the start of our collaboration. Legal details, required specific amenities, and an accurate description of the property and its features are just some of them. At Rock and Rest, we ensure we stay continuously informed and relay any developments or changes to you promptly for the optimal management of short-term rental properties.

What changes might my property need?

The type of changes your property will need for its proper conversion into a short-term rental property depend on its needs as well as your capabilities. Apart from specific sanitary or linen items, at Rock and Rest we advise you on common guest requests and preferences, as well as the features that can make your property more attractive to guests and, therefore, more favorable for good reviews.

How soon will the property be able to accept bookings?

After scheduling a consultation meeting and choosing the Rock And Rest that interests you, we move forward with listing your property on short-term rental platforms and begin. The process is straightforward and its immediacy depends on your property's suitability and immediate availability.

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Listing Management

We Boost Your Property's Exposure

The profitability of your property largely depends on the quality of its listing. We make the listing attractive to visitors with appropriate photos and descriptions!

Professional Photography

The proper and realistic representation of a property is one of the most important aspects for a short-term rental management company, who wants to have properties with satisfied guests and good reviews. It is very important for both the platforms and the guests to see a space that is well-maintained and matches the actual conditions when they visit it. At Rock and Rest, we handle the professional photography of your space to highlight all the elements and positive features of your space, creating a beautiful, realistic, and appealing image.

We Create Effective Titles and Descriptions on Platforms

The first thing a visitor sees when on a short term lease platform is

  • A small image of your property
  • Listing Title
  • The listing descritpion

At Rock and Rest, we want to be by your side in this very important process, either by choosing for you or advising you on changes or additions. The name for a short-term rental property should be interesting, different, but also indicative of the type of accommodation you have, without being too restrictive or excessively unique. On the other hand, the description should be detailed and explanatory, but not boring and endless.

Decorating Suggestions from Professionals

Each property has specific capabilities and positive characteristics that are determined at the beginning of our collaboration. At Rock and Rest, our goal is maximum promotion of your property all its features, making the most of its location, structures, and amenities. But we don't stop there, as it's natural to have shortcomings and negative aspects.

From the beginning of our collaboration, we thoroughly examine your property and its potential for short term renting and provide you with targeted decorating suggestions from professionals for the improvement or enhancement of the space. Always keeping in mind the desires of the guest for a pleasant short stay, we recommend solutions that can be implemented immediately or when you are ready to implement them.

Financial Planning

We Maximize Property Performance

We analyze the local market and continuously monitor changes. By adjusting prices accordingly, we ensure the maximum financial performance for the property.

Ongoing Evaluation of Competition

There are many short-term rental management companies, and the accommodations are even more numerous. At Rock and Rest, we strive to always be one step ahead of the competition by monitoring developments, new data, trends, and guest demand. In the same way, we evaluate both ourselves and the accommodations we manage to consistently provide the best possible service. 

Adjustments Based on Property Demand

At Rock and Rest, we take on the continuous monitoring of market trends and movements and make the necessary changes wherever and whenever needed. Whether it's about the competition or Short Term Leasing Platforms, we are always up-to-date so you can have peace of mind and we can stay one step ahead of the competition.

This of course includes optimizing and adjusting pricing policies according to the competition and market. For example, if the prices of properties in the area drop during a specific period, we adjust your prices to avoid losing bookings, and vice versa. Finally, we make all necessary adjustments to the accommodation policies of each property based on demand on platforms such as: Airbnb,, VRBO.

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Customer Support

We are there for both the guest and the owner!

We provide automated or personal check-in, 24/7 phone or email support, online concierge for tours and excursions, additional cleaning and linen supply,

Automated or Personal Check-In

The most well-known and important part for a short-term rental management company είναι φυσικά η εξυπηρέτηση των επισκεπτών με check in και ό,τι άλλο χρειαστούν κατά την άφιξή τους. Στο Rock and Rest χρησιμοποιούμε μόνο τις πιο σύγχρονες μεθόδους automatic check in ή face to face check in, ανάλογα με την προτίμηση του επισκέπτη.

24/7 Available for Communication via Email or Phone

At Rock and Rest, we offer 24/7 phone or email support because we understand that anything can happen, and a guest might need our help or advice. That is why we make sure to be available at any time. This is one of the most important reasons why it is beneficial to have a property management company, as it ensures the best service for your guests (and consequently a good review), without tying up your own time.

Continuous updates for the owner regarding occupancy, profits, etc.

At Rock and Rest, we make sure to provide the property owner with continuous updates on all financial details concerning your property, as well as its occupancy rates via Airbnb , Booking, VRBO.It's important to know exactly what we do, why we do it, and how it benefits you.

Concierge services for guests through an online app

Having access to state-of-the-art customer service methods, reservation management, and activity planning, at Rock and Rest we offer:

  • online concierge service (tours, excursions, restaurants, transportation)
  • online instructions (mobile app) for renters

Maintenance – Cleaning

We keep the property in excellent condition.

We provide a wide range of services to ensure the excellent maintenance and cleanliness of your property. We handle collaborations with professional cleaning crews and technical services, using professional cleaning products and providing bed linens and everyday items. Additionally, we offer controlled cleaning of the property before and after each stay, ensuring your guests' complete satisfaction.

Professional cleaning crews

One of the most important factors for the high rating of short-term rental properties is, of course, their cleanliness. Hygiene rules must be followed, and each guest should feel as if they are the first and only person entering your property, which is why the cleaning of short-term rental properties is a core service for us. At Rock and Rest, we work with professional cleaning teams that use professional cleaning products and advanced knowledge in comprehensive cleaning and sterilization of spaces, surfaces, and objects within the property.

Maintenance and Technical Services

At Rock and Rest, we take care of maintenance and any technical services that your property may need, as our goal is to ensure it is fully functional. Every electrical or electronic device must be 100% operational, and any damage or inspection must be addressed and carried out in a timely manner.

Bedding Equipment

For a comfortable and pleasant stay, providing bedding is a given. At Rock and Rest, we ensure that clean bedding is provided whenever the guest desires. The accommodation has extra sheets, pillowcases, and anything else needed, but in case they are insufficient, we are available 24/7 for the guest. We want the guest to feel comfortable and welcome, no matter how short their stay may be.

Supply of daily essentials

The Maintenance of short-term rental property service, includes:

  • Providing additional bedding
  • Providing complimentary daily use items (shampoo, shower gel, hygiene products, beverages)
  • Professional linen laundering
  • Essential items
Property inspections between bookings

At Rock and Rest, we guarantee a thorough inspection of the short-term rental property before each arrival and after each departure of every guest. After completing a booking, we check for damages and lost or forgotten items, while before the arrival of a booking, we ensure that the space is aesthetically pleasing and functionally efficient according to the needs of the booking and the room's amenities (linens, essentials, and daily necessities, special requests).

Professional Cleaning Service - Rock and rest